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Online TV abroad: the shortest way to stay connected to Poland

When you are away from your motherland, you miss a lot of things: friends and family, your home, the national cuisine, and of course the native language spoken everywhere around you. The language is the key element of a nation’s cultural background, so the speech creates the atmosphere of being home again. PolBox.TV , one of the largest distributors of Polish TV via the Internet, provides you with the best content of more than 100 channels, 3,000+ movies, and the best radio stations broadcasted directly from Poland.


Television on the internet: welcome to the new era

Internet TV, the technology of the 21st century, represents an amazing synergy between the internet and television. From now on, you can browse and process TV shows like any other digital content. Specifically, this means the following:

  • No special installation (no satellite dishes or cables) and no maintenance expenses or concerns.
  • Stream to wherever you are. The internet TV is available in any part of the world where the internet connection is established. This also includes areas with a slow internet connection.
  • Use any device available. You are welcome to watch the broadcasts through your TV set, PC, laptop, tablet, and even smartphone. All the basic platforms are supported by the software.
  • Share it with your family. Every family member can watch their hand-picked content on their device simultaneously.
  • Reschedule the TV program. Yes, you heard that right! You can adjust the time of the broadcasts according to your current timezone.
  • Save the best for later. You can see your favourite shows in the special archive again later. They will be kept there for the following two weeks.
  • Manage the content. Keep your kids away from any inappropriate information simply using the special option called "Parental control".

All of the abovementioned services of online TV abroad are provided by PolBox.TV.

Unlimited Polish TV online

With TV online, you get unlimited access at a strictly limited price. The price is even shrinking the longer period of service you choose. Along with that, you won’t ever have any maintenance services to pay for, although you do have a 24/7 hotline with technical support in case you have questions related to your package of television Polish online. Embrace and enjoy the smart technologies of the new era with PolBox.TV!
PolBox.TV is a growing community of people who value the quality of service provided at the most reasonable prices. Joining this community means reuniting with your native country whilst enjoying the best opportunities for online TV you can get overseas.


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