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Ritual services - professional assistance in case of death

Sooner or later we all have to suffer losses. The death of loved ones brings a lot of grief, sometimes it is simply impossible to pull oneself under his weight and start organizing a funeral. Specialists of the ritual service En.ritual.ru are always ready to come to your aid and support you at a difficult moment, taking all the concerns of organizing a funeral for yourself.

ритуальные услуги

List of funeral services

We provide low-cost services of the municipal ritual agency and guarantee high-quality service. Experts will treat all your requests with understanding and will help in such matters as:

- registration of all necessary documents - stamp and medical death certificate.
- selection and ordering a place in the cemetery - if burial is planned in the territory of the Russian Federation.
- cremation agreement.
- the choice of a coffin, if necessary, an urn, as well as ritual accessories in the funeral services bureau (wreaths of natural or artificial flowers, mourning ribbons, clothes for the deceased).
- transportation of the coffin, the order of transport for those present at the burial.
- repatriation with registration of all required documents.
- reburial of the body with the collection of permits.
- carrying out civil memorial service and religious rites.
- The organization of a memorial meal - in accordance with the cultural and national traditions of the deceased person.

Repatriation of the body of the deceased (load 200) with the registration of all documents and the accompanying coffin with the body should be carried out after obtaining the appropriate permit. Without the participation of specialists, only obtaining such permission can cause great difficulties. In addition to the above services, you can order additional work from us, which will be performed strictly within a specified period.

The services of a commercial funeral agent are, as a rule, expensive. Our ritual service will send you a specialist who will advise you on all issues for free, and, if necessary, on site will make all the primary documentation. In the ritual service En.ritual.ru you expect respectful and comprehensive support. If necessary, our employee can perform special assignments of relatives of the deceased.

We offer a decent service at reasonable prices. You can familiarize yourself with all the details with an employee who will help you make an estimate and calculate the total amount. Our funeral home always treats with understanding all of our clients, without exception. The financial component in the work is relegated to the background. The most important thing is timely help to people.



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